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There are many salons in Chandigarh that provides beauty services at wide range. Facelift India is top salons Chandigarh. Face lift provides online salon services in Chandigarh. It is an on demand wellness and beauty organization that is for the women’s living in Chandigarh.

Facelift India is the best salon in Chandigarh which provides following beauty services

At facelift India salon, our vision is to make a beauty salon at your doorstep in Tricity as easy, reliable and delightful as online shopping. Our salon professionals will enhance your natural beauty and gives you a gorgeous and confident look.

Facelift India has the most talented and experienced beauty experts that provide you the best quality of services at your door step. We will provide the best beauty professionals as per your preferred time. They will give you the best outcomes by providing all beauty services at your home.  Facelift India salon beauty services in Chandigarh provides the full area of beauty therapies that can be delivered in safety and the comfort of your home.

All women’s are beautiful. Facelift India salon will help you to enhance your natural beauty. Our experienced expertise will give you wonderful relaxation and best customer satisfaction by our services at your home. Our salon used the best quality of products and will take your smooth and shine skin.

Facelift India is an app-based service that provides online beauty services at your door step at affordable rates. To enjoy salon beauty services, book an appointment. You can download “Facelift India” app from Google play store or from given link below: –

Android users –

I-phone users –

Or you can contact us on a given number below –

Call at: – (+91) – 86996 00382.

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                                Top Salons Chandigarh

Online Salon Service Tricity

Facelift India offers you best Online Salon Services Tricity at your doorstep. It is a web-based and app-based beauty service provider. Our expert beauticians give you best beauty services at your preferred time and in the comfort at your home.

Facelift India is a beauty salon which provide services like hair spa, hair styles, hair coloring, nail extension, facials, bleaching, body massage, waxing, manicure and pedicure etc.

Lists of Online Salon Services provided by Facelift India in Tricity –

  • Facials – Facial is best skin treatment for your beauty. It helps in whitening the skin, removes blackheads and whiteheads, deep cleansing and face bleaching.
  • Waxing – Our beauty experts take care of your skin elasticity and health. The warm wax is applied on to the waxing area of the body and then removes gently, leaving skin smoothly without any pain. After waxing your skin will be smooth, bold and give a confident look.
  • Hair Coloring – Hair coloring is a great way to rejuvenate depth, dimension & shine. The right shade enhances a woman’s face and makes her look so attractive and bold.
  • Body Massage – A full body massage gives you full relaxation from mentally and physically stress. It improves blood circulation of your body and increase flexibility.
  • Manicure/Pedicure – Our beautician keeps your hand and feet smooth, glowing, moisturized and perfectly shaped and polished. After manicure/pedicure service your hand and feet gives special attention.
  • Hair Spa – Hair spa is a therapy that revitalizes your hair. It is essentially for your strong, bouncy, shiny and healthy hairs. Hair spa treatment is deep conditioning that nourishes the roots of your hair and is designed to strengthen the hair follicles.

To avail our services just download the APP “FACELIFT INDIA” and book an appointment with us. ANDROID users can download by visit- & I-PHONE users can download by visit- or you can also call us on given number below.

Call at: +91- 86996 00382.

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Online Salon Services Tricity